Let Me Entertain You

I have been slowly getting more stressed as my week progressed. The Coach has been hanging out a little more with a new buddy. He’s another coach who happens to live a few blocks away from us and has kids around the same age as our kids. While The Coach does not actually coach with him, they are at different schools, they have a lot to talk about.

So a few weeks ago The Coach came home with his buddy’s wife’s cell phone number and a request that I give her a call and see if we could get together. Now being a social anxiety type girl, this was stressful to begin with. But The Coach got along with him and we all live in the same community and have kids, and so on and so forth. So I pulled out my courage, gave her a call, and invited them over for dinner.

So the plan was for a Saturday night, which gave me most of a day to clean, shop, prep food, and basically try to make my house, children, and life in general appear as close to perfect as I could. This is how I usually operate. And usually as the appointed time nears, I get more and more crazy and bossy to everyone around.

Then I got a text Monday asking if we could switch it to Friday because they had forgotten about some tickets they had to a show on Saturday. I agreed, because I really had no actual reason not to. But then the panic started that I would not have my almost complete day to get as close to perfect as possible.

Today, like a sign from above, I read a post on Simple Mom, Taking a risk by hosting an Easter dinner party. It was exactly what I needed to read. It reminded me that getting together was not about me appearing perfect. In fact, it really wasn’t about me at all. It was about getting to know new friends. It was about hanging out with another family that we at least had one thing in common with, and I’m sure we will find we have much more.

So Friday I plan on taking Sandy’s advice. I will be welcoming our new friends into our home and trying to make them feel comfortable. I will be trying to not worry about my house not being perfectly clean and still in the middle of a never ending de-cluttering process. And I will hopefully be teaching my children that what really matters is connecting with others and getting to know people, and not making sure all the dust bunnies have been banished from the corners. I can’t promise that 10 minutes before they arrive I won’t be yelling at someone to get all the Happy Meal toys out of the dining room, but I do promise to welcome our guests with a genuine smile.