I Am A Writer…For Real

So last week, my confidence was lacking and I could feel depression creeping in around the edges of my heart. Probably in part because it felt like spring was never going to arrive and winter was going to last an eternity. And this whole dream of being a writer seemed like it was never going to happen. I got a little down in the dumps, and allowed myself to wallow a bit.

And then, just like that, stuff happened. I got an email from Melissa at BlogHer that she was featuring another one of my posts. And she said she would like my next post to be a syndicated one, and would I be interested in sending her some ideas. Boy, was I ever. Then my son told me in the car this weekend, that when he grew up, he wanted to write books, like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid ones. I told him it would make his mama’s heart happy if he wanted to be a writer. And my younger one chimed in that he loved to write, too. And we had an amazing mini-getaway with just the four of us where everyone was pretty darn happy the whole time.

And just like that, spring came. Outside my window, and inside my heart.  

Check out my post today over at BlogHer: Why Instagram Won’t Be the Next Facebook

BlogHer post


  1. Congrats Beth! I’m going to checkout your post.

  2. So happy for you! Left a comment at Blog Her too :-)

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