Introducing the Structure in an Unstructured Life Planner!

If you have spent any time over here at this blog, you have figured out I am quite the Type A gal. So it will probably come as no surprise to you that I couldn’t find either a personal planner or a blog planner available anywhere in a store or across the interwebs that was exactly what I was looking for. So, being a paper-and-pencil girl and needing to have a paper-and-pencil planner, I went ahead and made my own. 

I use one three ring binder to combine both my personal and my blog planner, because I like to have everything all in one place. I have mine set up the following way:

Monthly pages. I have a monthly calendar where I keep track of my and the family’s schedule – appointments, plans, days off from school, etc. On the bottom of the page is room for me to write my goals for the month. On the facing page, I have my monthly blog planning calendar,  where I plan my posts and have check boxes for scheduling, crossposting to BlogHer, and promoting on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.  On the back sides of these pages I copied a plain calendar grid and I use one to plan my Facebook posts and the other to plan my Twitter posts. I do a lot of scheduling ahead on social media, so this helps keep me on track and organized. 

Monthly Planner Pages

Weekly pages. Next I have my weekly to-do pages. These include space on each day for a to-do list, a blog section to remind me what I am posting, anywhere I need to link up, social media notes, and a reminder to clean out my comment spam and to write daily. Under the blog section is room to note any schedule items, like sports practices or school events, and check boxes for reading and exercise. The far column has space for me to jot the meals for the week, so I don’t have to flip back in my planner for a quick peek at the week’s meals, a section with a cleaning list, and a small notes box.

Weekly Pages

 Meal Planning pages. Next I have my meal planning pages. The front has dinner plans and the back has lunch plans. I also have a sheet with meal planning ideas, a pantry inventory, and a freezer inventory.

Meal Planning Pages

 Budgeting pages. Next I have my spending plan sheet, that helps me keep track of when bills are due and if I have paid them. 

Misc. pages. Finally I have a section with some miscellaneous pages, such as my list of home improvements we’d like to do, my list of books to read, and my random stuff I want to remember pages where I can jot down ideas or tips I come across and want to remember. 

Budgeting and Misc Pages

Blog pages. Then I have another section with my blog post ideas pages and my monthly stats tracker. I separate my personal planner from my blog planner with a few page protector sheets that contain a blogging checklist I use and some other blogging tips and tricks I have compiled and like to have where I can see them easily and often. I also keep a couple folders that fit into the three ring binder in the back for loose papers such as the school lunch menu that I use when meal planning, or receipts I need to do something with, etc. 

Blog Planner Pages

 This is the system that works for me and keeps me on track. I hardly ever go anywhere without my planner!!

Think this system would work for you? I am offering my planner pages to readers for a special price! You can buy the personal planner pages, which include 12 monthly pages, the weekly planner pages, the meal planning pages, and the budgeting and miscellaneous pages, all for only $2! Want just the blog planner pages, which include 12 monthly blog planner pages, the blog ideas page, and the monthly stats page? The blog planner is also available for only $2! Want them both? Buy both packs and save $1 – you can get the personal planner and the blog planner for only $3!

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  1. Love this! I am type A too and live and die by to do lists and planners!

    • Me too! If I do something not on my list, I write it on there so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off! Haha!

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