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Not as happy as you think you “should” be? Then join me in my Happiness Project! Check out the first, second, and third posts, then jump right in! 

My first resolution is simplicity. I chose simplicity because as I looked at my 4 questions, I realized a common thread of keeping things clean, organized, and prioritized. Cleaning and organizing makes me feel good. Clutter and chaos make me feel bad. Having things in order makes me feel right. Also, one of my personal commandments is to Simplify.

I put simplicity first because I thought if things were simplified from the start, it would make everything that followed after a little easier. Also, this was going to be one of my easier resolutions, and I wanted to start out with something that I thought would bring me a sense of success and accomplishment; therefore, motivating me to keep moving forward with the project and building momentum.

I decided on four actions to work on for simplicity:

  • Stop hoarding things. It’s not like I am a step away from being on an episode of Hoarders; far from it actually. But I hoard things more than I need to, and often for stupid and selfish reasons. I hoard food because it’s something I like and I don’t want everyone else to eat all of it. I hoard the “good stuff,” like the best seat in the living room (although the new couch has helped with that!), or the good coffee cup.
  • Purge excess items. Along with hoarding, I keep things that have outlived their usefulness (and some things that never had any to begin with!). I keep things for sentimental reasons, or because I liked it at one time, or because it cost a lot, or because I want to like it or use it. I also keep multiples of some things but then only end up using my favorites. For example, I own 5 pairs of black pants, but I realistically only wear 3 of them with any regularity. I could easily get rid of those other 2 pairs.
  • Prioritize activities. This one is tough. We are busy people and our kids (or at least Roo) like to be busy. But sometimes I realize I am miserable because I rush from one thing to the next, to the next and never get to relax. Also, I am a bit of a homebody, so too much time away from home makes me grumpy and feel blue. So some things need to go. Maybe not forever, but for now. With my kids only not quite 3 and not quite 6, we are too busy as a family. So while it will make me a little sad to miss some things, overall I think I will be much happier.
  • Develop and stick to schedules and routines. Perfect timing for this one. School is starting up again, we’re thinking about working on potty training Monkey, and this is our busiest time of the year. All of these will be helped by a consistent schedule and routine. Starting and ending our days right just makes all of us feel better. So a little predictability and concerted effort to include the things that make us feel good will go a long way in fostering happiness.

Next month, I’ll be updating on how I have been doing on these four actions and simplicity overall. I am using this Resolution Chart to track my progress. Email, message, or tweet me if you would like a blank one for your own project (see the About Beth tab at the top of the blog for contact info).

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  1. Oh how I want to do all of those things! If only my mother-in-law would stop dropping off thing such as toys and husband memorabilia!

    • I know the feeling!! As soon as I had a house my folks started giving me boxes of old stuffed animals and Barbie dolls! So we have the obligatory plastic tubs in our attic simply labeled “keepsakes”!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

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